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Hospicon is a Hospital Consulting, hospital planning and designing firm. We provide diversified services to various medical/hospital projects, be it setting up a new hospital or re-designing the existing one.

Started by Dr. Mukesh Daftary in 1981, the company’s team of healthcare and allied professionals has successfully completed various national and international healthcare projects. We cater to the growing need of the corporate groups to come up with new state- of -the -art hospital plan and designing and also to refurbish the old units.

  1. Hospital Consulting
  2. Hospital planning
  3. Hospital designing
  4. Hospital consultancy
  5. Hospital plan
  6. Doctor/hospital Practice, Management and Promotion
  7. Medical Tourism
  8. Promoting Eco-Friendly
  9. Green Hospitals

We also promote new Eco-friendly Hospitals, famously also called “Green Hospitals”. In addition with building new eco-friendly hospitals, we undertake modifying of the existing structures & activities whereby incorporating machines and methods suiting eco-friendly parameters. Integration of this approach results in energy & cost saving. The long term benefits of energy saving actions are colossal to the project as well as the environment since global warming is current major concern. To know more, please visit

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