Hospital Building

It is a critical decision plan when it involves a pre-emptive plan on the functionality of a health care environment. The design and construction are rather unique and it involves attention to detail pertaining to care and safety. Hospital care requires patients safety and protection within the barracks of the hospital building to prevent infections and under contaminants from entering. The hospital building must also be well equipped with ambient space and even easy access to various sections and corridors of a hospital building. One must acknowledge the fact that the Hospital should promote patients quick recovery and is responsive to medical supervision at ease.

HOSPICON is a leading consultant in innovation and superior practice in the health care sector when it comes to the hospital building, consulting, and designing. At HOSPICON the team is dedicated to awareness of all emerging technologies. HOSPICON seeks to design and environment-friendly patient-centered care with non-institutional spaces and facilities. Thereby maximizing the regard for patient privacy, comfort support.

The prime focus at HOSPICON is adhering to the design, fitting the needs, value, culture. HOSPICON believes that a good facility design can actually boost the healing process and contribute a lot by improving pathways that create shorter waiting times. With control of infection, comfort, and amenity with quality working conditions that will promote patients health and staff morale.

What Does HOSPICON Consider in Hospital Building and Designing?

  • Support Spacing for additional Health-related facilities.
  • Parking and vehicle circulation and location.
  • Landscaping locations and Special Site Features
  • Elevations and Sections along with Architectural Floor Plannings
  • Structural and other related engineering Drawings and blueprint.
  • Designs fit and adhere to latest Indian Building codes and safety laws.
  • Internal Traffic floor of patients, Staff and Equipment Planning.


Involving HOSPICON as a Hospital Consultant in the early phase actually can help budget cost improvements, Time Savings, Best contract deals and solutions from tenure experience. Customized advisory for floor plans and hospital building layout. HOSPICON would manage the general overview of a site which includes the start up and the design all the way to the final certification and completion. HOSPICON even provides other facilities like Hospital Management, Staffing ,Recruitment, Designing and layout as well as Hospital business consultancy.