Operation Management

With an efficient management, systematic inventory and robust budget control a hospital business consultant can undertake all operations. In order for a health care institute to achieve its highest benchmark, a management consultant or an operations management firm needs to improvise with an analytic angular approach. After which a report along with what needs to be improved and added to increase a fully optimized operation management for a center.

HOSPICON is a strong operation management facilitator offering the following services:

• Operational Auditing • Training and Manpower • Designing operational programs and manuals • Service Costing • Assistance with recruitment • Quality Accreditation/ Quality Management • Unique Marketing Strategies • Redesigning and Repair of existing • Vehicle and patient room traffic allocation • Reviews of revenues and profitability

HOSPICON conducts a detailed report with audits and later a well-documented record and case study is carried out on the hospital budget and branding efficiency. Here is a list of details that HOSPICON covers under its wing:

Infrastructure and additional assets: Adequacy of sufficient areas, space occupancy and location of the designated departments with keeping the regular planning norms., the latest technology applications both for medical and nonmedical devices. HOSPICON also covers device procurement device cycle management and decommissioning of outdated policies and processes.

Human Resource: Regular staff meetings and on call audits to check the staffing, compliance towards the company policy and norms, monitoring job profile, and performance. Staff motivational factors and practices.

Operational performance: Mapping patient specifics and servicing capacity, assessing assets and their usage, patients flow pattern timelines and service delivery process.

Quality performance: Departmental auditing and quality service process. To ensure the highest in patient care, service excellent delivery, Complaint handling and staff evaluation about the companies feed back.

Financial Performance: Auditing departmental revenue generations and expenditures incurred, tracking financial supplements and trends. Creative measures to prevent costing and financial ratios to calculate service visibility.

HOSPICONS Health Care Operation Management Includes:

SOP operations management services:

  • Front office
  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Billing
  • ICCU
  • ICU
  • Materials
  • Diagnostics
  • Lab

The company is well researched in the marketing and construction concept of Hospital premises Indian and Overseas. HOSPICON is poised in delivery operation management services in existing medical facilities.